Tuesday, October 13, 2009

holy smokes

this is whats been going on for the past few months: first things first, ive been partying having a good time, but mostly ive been taking it easy for a while, im training my body and mind to take my life to the next level, so expect greater things from me as the months stroll on by, on another note i went to the voodoo jam in new orleans in august and got 2nd place in the master class, hector made a new add for the bykeproject team, below is half of the byke project crew, im the one in the yellow shirt stomping, lol. hope you guys enjoy the pics, video of my riding and other interesting things to come too, so until the next episode!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my poems

::The root of all evil::

tell it how it is
my religion is non of your business
its my own belief of our own crisis
its your smile that keeps me sane
seperate me from the world without question
the garden blooms of each color that nature brings
slowly it dies leaving behind a time of love
nothing lasts forever, especially our lives
but we must strive to live and become legends
dont fear what is not known
our world is full of many mysteries
its our eyes that speak for ourselves
just like the hand that writes a poem

::Don't Cry::

I was born with nothing
i dont need your sorry words
all i need is birth givers
nothing in this world is greater than one that gives lives
for our coming years those destined with the gift of life
i salute you with a kiss, above the clouds
to the heavens

One night

Vigourous, splendid, adventurous
the perfect stranger i want to meet
explode with love
i feel the music between my heart
the noise is Rumbling with passion
A taste that distinguishes Realization and confusion
as my heart beat skips
i fall into a relaxation of kindness and of oppurtunities
save me from you

::Open your Eyes::

Upon the suffering of our society
one man stands alone
unaware of the danger that brings chaos
he takes a step
Translations of curiosity and friendship float endlessly
it only exists for him
disgrace and embarrassments fulfill his common knowledge
it slows him down
he aborts the mission of impact and rests upon the bed of depression
his eyes become weak his mouth barely speaks
the sun is burning with desire, to kill, to stress
he cannot take it anymore
a man that has suffered like no other
he is a the leader of a new generation
a leader of a new breed
the force that will bring justice to his country

poems written by Diego El chapin Tejada

Sunday, January 11, 2009

As of lately

lately, if you have been keeping up with the real world news of what is going on with the world today, you will realize that alot has been going on these past 2 months, the first thing i want to express is the injustice against the people of gaza and of all Palestine, i say this with all sincerity and with the hopes of ending what seems an endless war. i have seen videos and pictures and from my perspective, to me, it is already starting to become nothing but a sick, sick joke and violates every aspect of the human rights! i am shocked and disgusted at what i see in the news.

with this thought in mind it has kept me thinking alot these past few weeks, since the new year started i have felt more blessed that i am still alive and have my dignity, now that i see it today, im thankful of everything that i have, love, friends familly. i cannot imagine the rage that i will possess if i would loose any of my loved ones. No one in this world deserves it.

also this month (feb.) i finally got in touch with a very talented camera man Ryan Zarate. He filmed a couple of my basic links/runs on my bike. i still have more to record so stay tuned, here is a video as of lately.
southernism from diego tejada on Vimeo.

riding at a local college