Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freestyle Sessions Vol.2 Recap

Well its been a week, since the Freestyle sessions took place, and let me tell you, i was inspired to see so many flatland freestylers show up. i once again have to thank Voodoo child for letting me be a part of his major creation. (Battle at the Alamo) The whole atmosphere was incredible, there where graffitti artist throwing down some style, while we rode and jammed with each others styles, as to give us flavor and inspire us to keep riding, and basically freestyle our lifes. Unfortunately every event has its little downfalls. mines to my expectation, was the lighting. we all know that the sun falls early during the fall, so we were just about done when the sun went down, but a young rider by the name of Kenny Bouche gave us light with his car. he gave me the idea to put my truck beside him as well to bring back the life of the jam. we sessioned for about 1 a half more. it was all in good intention, and to my surprise, the latin news station decided to show up. here are some videos to help you get a better feeling of what im trying to say. hope you guys enjoy. peace. Diego..

The Battle at the Alamo and Freestyle Session Volume II 2008 from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

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